Caesar's Health Info
May 10, 2019
Red classic tabby
Weight 22 pounds
HCM DNA report
Caeser is Negative for the HCM mutation (2020)
Cardiac ultrasound Jan 2022 Oct 2020
Father CH Windwalker Triller
Mother Windwalker Marquesa
Triller's Health Info
December 14, 2015
Brown classic tabby with white
Weight 27 pounds
HCM DNA report
Triller is Negative for the HCM mutation (2020)
Cardiac ultrasound Sept 2021, Nov 2020,
May 2019, Mar 2018, Jan 2017
Hips Good
Father IW SGC Windwalker Summit
Mother Le Beau Minu Serenade of Windwalker
^ Triller, one year old
Sunny's Health Info
August 27, 2016
cream classic tabby
Ultrasound April 2021, October 2019, Oct 2017.
HCM DNA report
Negative by default
Windwalker Summit
Mother Sarajen Momentum of Windwalker
Summit's Health Info
March 13, 2013
brown classic tabby
Ultrasound All measurements within normal limits - no evidence of congenital heart disease. July 2021, Aug 2019, Oct 2017. 2015, 2014.
HCM DNA report
Negative by default
Windwalker Kensington
Mother Degoonacoon Shenandoa of Windwalker
Summit and his plaques
As a Kitten, Summit went to cat shows in Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin and California.

At his first show as an Adult, Summit was the Second Best Cat in the show and earned enough points to be a Triple Grand Champion. He is pictured above with all the plaques he won at the show, and a Best Cat rosette.


Chinook's Health Info
January 17, 2015
Black smoke / white
Ultrasound All measurements within normal limits - no evidence of congenital heart disease.
April 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016
HCM DNA report
DNA Negative parents
Coonificent Gizmo
Mother Cloistercoon Venus in Bluejeans
Kensington's Info
March 29, 2011
Color Brown classic tabby
All measurements within normal limits - no evidence of congenital heart disease. May 2021, Oct 2017, Nov 2014, 2013, 2011.
HCM DNA report
Negative for the HCM mutation
Windwalker Tyrone Power x Windwalker Kiara
Litters Kensington sired six litters
Kensington and his dad, all rights reserved

^ Kensington, with his father, Tyrone Power's plaque for 2010 Best Kitten in the Mid-Pacific

Kensington and his bottle

^ A boy and his bottle

Tyrone's Health Info
March 15, 2010
brown classic tabby
Ultrasound Measurements normal. 2014, 2011
HCM DNA report
Negative by default. (Both parents are Negative for the HCM mutation.)
Mainelyclassic Panama of Windwalker
Mother Windwalker Giovanna
Tyrone Power 12 weeks old
^ Tyrone Power, three weeks old
Tyrone Power, five months old
Tyrone Power 7 months
<Tyrone Power eight months old
^ Tyrone Power, eight months old
Wonder's Info
July 28, 2005
Died January 28, 2022
All measurements within normal limits - no evidence of congenital heart disease. Sept 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
HCM DNA report
Negative for the HCM mutation
Litters Wonder sired six litters
Wonder five months old

^ Wonder five months old

Tank's Info
June 1, 2007
Status Neutered 2008
HCM DNA report
Both parents Negative for the HCM MyBPC3 mutation (2006)
Windwalker Wonder
Windwalker Acadia
Tank when he was three months old
^ Tank, five weeks old
Batman's Info
March 15, 2003
Status Neutered
HCM DNA report
Both parents are Negative for the HCM MyBPC3 mutation

Windwalker Batman in tree
^ Above, Batman in the outside run

Atticus's Health Info
Dec 29, 2008
brown classic tabby
Status Neutered
HCM DNA report
Both parents are Negative for the HCM mutation
Mainelyclassic Night Stalker
Mother Windwalker Mistral
On this page we feature our neutered boys. Some are placed with families that adore them. Some are still here with us. For pictures of our neutered girls, click here.
Windwalker Caesar

Caesar retired in May 2021 after giving us three incredibly beautiful kittens with Harper. Now he's in the house with us, which is what he really wants. 

A Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner and a Regional Winner, Caesar is one year old in the picture at left.

In 2020 Caesar was the
, the
in the Mid-Pacific Region and the
shown internationally.

He has heavy boning, upright ears with long lynx tips, a strong muzzle, gentle curve to his profile, great conformation and straight hind legs. 

 Most important to us, Caesar has an easy-going, pleasant personality and always has a lot to say.

Windwalker Triller

Windwalker Triller All Rights Reserved

Windwalker Triller - all rights reservedTriller retired in December 2019 and as a calm and happy neutered male, can now run around the house with everyone, instead of watching through the screen door from the boys' wing, which looks into the kitchen and dining room.

Triller gave us several litters, passing on his heavy boning, huge head and upright ears with long lynx tips. He has a strong muzzle, a gentle curve to his profile, great conformation and nice, straight hind legs.

He has an easy-going, pleasant personality and as his name suggests, is a very talkative boy, making that wonderful "trill" that some, but not all, Maine Coons do.

Triller was the 11th Best Longhair Cat in 2017 and is a TICA Champion.

Windwalker Creme de la Creme (Sunny)

Windwalker Creme de la Creme all rights reservedSunny is a cream classic tabby-with-white neutered male. He is a Quadruple Grand Champion.

In 2017 he was the
BEST Maine Coon Alter, the 20th Best Cat and the 9th Best Kitten in the Mid-Pacific region.

We love this boy so much, so he sired one litter, was neutered, and he's a keeper

Windwalker Summit

Windwalker Summit photo by HelmiSummit is retired and lives with his own family, and with Momentum, who was his "wife."

He is very sweet and smart. He holds out his right paw to shake hands, then holds up his left paw to give "high five." He was six months old in the picture at left.

In 2014, Summit was TICA's
Best Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon and was an International Winner: 24th Best Kitten of all breeds of all kittens shown that year.

In the Mid-Pacific region, Summit was 4th Best Kitten and 6th Best Cat! The next show year, 2015, he placed in the top ten cats shown that year in the Mid-Pacific region, thus earning TICA's Lifetime Achievement award.



Windwalker Summit, 18 months old.  All reights reserved

Summit is 18 months old in the picture at right. His body is very solid and dense and he weighs 22 pounds. As a "whole" male, his head is broadening so his ears are further apart and not quite as straight up as they were in the picture above.

Windwalker Summit


At left, Summit is four months old, showing his "show cat" potential because everything about him is an extreme version of the Maine Coon standard. As he develops, these things become less pronounced, but still clearly awesome.

Cloistercoon Chinook of Windwalker
Cloistercoon Chinook all rights reserved

Cloistercoon Chinook of WindwalkerChinook is one year old above and six months old in the picture at left. He is a beautiful example of a black smoke with white color. He retired from breeding in March 2018 and now lives happily in his own home, with his own family, in Washington DC.

Chinook has a sweet personality, a very strong muzzle and chin, ears set nicely on his head and a perfect, gently curved profile.

Chinook is a Supreme Grand Champion and a Regional Winner.

In 2016 he was the Sixth BEST CAT, Best Maine Coon, and 18th BEST KITTEN in the Mid-Pacific Region.
Internationally, Chinook was the BEST BLACK SMOKE/WHITE KITTEN shown in the 2015/16 show year.

Windwalker Kensington
Windwalker Kensington

Kenzie is a Supreme Grand Champion and International Winner (IW), (one of the top 25 kittens in the world).

TICA 19th Best International Kitten

In the Mid-Pacific region in 2011/12, he was 3rd BEST KITTEN and Fifth BEST CAT.

Kenzie has a very strong muzzle and a deep strong chin. He has a hard, muscled body and a beautiful head, with nicely-shaped eyes, ears set well on his head, and a gently curved profile.

Kenzie retired in 2014. He gave us strong, healthy kittens with fabulous personalities, as affectionate, intelligent and personable as he is.

Windwalker Kensington four years old all rights reserved

In the picture at right he is four years old. 

In the picture below Kenzie is three months old.

Windwalker Kensington all rights reserved









Kensington says, "The most interesting man in the world drinks Dos Equis, but the most interesting kitten in the world recommends Windwalker Cabernet!" Here's our buddy, posing with a wine from Windwalker, the winery after which our cattery is named.

Windwalker Tyrone Power
Tyrone Power all rights reserved

Seven months old in the picture above, Tyrone is a TICA Supreme Grand Champion and an International Winner.
10th Best International Allbreed Kitten 2010/11
Best Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon Cat

Tyrone is also a Regional Winner in the Mid Pacific region
BEST KITTEN of the Year 2010/2011
Seventh Best Allbreed Cat
Third Best Longhair Cat

<Tyrone Power eight months old
Pictured above at eight months old, Tyrone is a warm, brown classic tabby. He has a beautiful head with a strong, boxy muzzle, deep chin, large, well-placed ears, a smooth profile and a dense body with heavy boning.
Most important, Tyrone is very sweet. Whenever you call his name, he responds with a funny little meow.
Windwalker Tyrone Power five years old
Pictured above at five years old, (January 2016), Tyrone is much bulkier now that he is older and is neutered.
Windwalker Wonder (Watch Wonder mature - one to 10 years)
Windwalker Wonder 8.5 yrs old

Easy-going and charming, Wonder was eight years old in the picture above. A TICA Supreme Grand Champion and International Winner, Wonder was also a CFA Grand Champion.  Wonder gave us wonderful kittens and was the foundation of our breeding program. 

For 16-and-a-half years we shared our lives with this sweet, charming boy. In the summer of 2021, when he was 16 years old, we knew that Wonder had Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  We managed it and he had a comfortable and happy time with us until the sunny January day when we said good-bye.

On January 28th, Wonder went on ahead.  He woke early his last day, in his warm bed on his cot, in his special place by the window, and waited patiently for the birds to come. Then he spent the day in his favorite spots in the yard, enjoying the breeze and absorbing the warmth of the sun, until it was time to go. 

We weren't ready to say goodbye, but Wonder was finished with his journey. Rest in peace, gentle man. You were the most Wonderful cat in the world.  

To be part of our breeding program - Stringent tests

Before we decided to keep Wonder for our breeding program, we had the DNA test done to make sure he does not carry the MyBPC gene. Then Dr. Lori Siemens, certified veterinary cardiologist, performed echocardiography with Doppler color-flow imaging to check his heart, and a vet x-rayed his hips to make sure he does not have hip dysplasia, another possibly-inherited disease.

Even when he passed these stringent evaluations, we wouldn't use Wonder in a breeding program if he weren't an outstanding example of the breed. We demonstrated that by taking him to cat shows to compete with other Maine Coon cats, where he earned the points to give him regional and international awards and titles.

Wonder has lots of ribbons, titles and awards, but it's his gentle charm and intelligence, the goofy, sweet personality that people expect in a Maine Coon cat, that makes him an excellent candidate for fathering kittens.

Wonder's personality came through in all his kittens, and he loves kittens.  When his babies were being born, he waited outside the bedroom door, and when they were old enough for him to be with them, he let them climb all over him and played with them, hiding in the tube and pawing them when they jumped in.

Windwalker Tatanka Iyotanka
Windwalker Tatanka Iyotanka

Tatanka Iyotanka"Tank" is four months old in the picture above, and two years old in the picture at right. He has the gentle, sweet personality of Wonder, his father, and the intelligence of Acadia, his mother. He looks just like Wonder, and has Wonder's same mannerisms.

Tank is supremely happy now, living with his own family in a home that is all his own. (Tatanka Iyotanka was Sitting Bull's Sioux name.)

Windwalker Batman

Windwalker BatmanBatman, "Batters, " was supremely happy for nine years with his people, until July 2018, when he was diagnosed with cancer. When he let them know in the subtle ways that cats have, that it was time to leave them, his family helped him do his favorite things and be in his favorite places one last time. Missy sat with him a long time the last night. Rebus gave him nose kisses. The last day he gradually, peacefully left them.

His people say, "He was such a beautiful, communicative, loving, and noble being. He was a prince among Windwalkers. We are so appreciative and incredibly lucky to have had him and Holly for so many wonderful years."

TICA Supreme Grand Champion
Mid Pacific 10th Best Kitten 2004
Mid Pacific 17th Best Cat 2004

Mid Pacific Region 9th Best Longhair Cat 2004

Windwalker Atticus
Atticus two years old

Atticus is two years old in this picture. He sired two wonderful litters and our Christmas 2010 gift to him was a new home, where he will be loved and cared for all his life, running through the house with with a couple of other Windwalker cats and sitting on Andy's lap watching the football game.

There will always be a special place in our hearts for Atticus, who was a "singleton" kitten. See the Atticus Diary for pictures of him growing up.

Atticus is a TICA Double Grand Champion and
TICA Mid Pacific Region 2010 17th Best Kitten and
16th Best Longhair Cat

Windwalker Edison Carter
Edison Carter

Born December, 2010 from Windwalker Atticus (above), and Windwalker Kiara, Edison Carter is pictured at left at nine weeks old. When he was four months old, at the cat show in Seattle, he was one of the Top Ten Cats in Show in all 12 rings.

Then he went to friends who have several older cats from us. This is what they say about him:

Edison Carter is 15 - pounds that is. At ten months, he is developing into the most beautiful boy. ...what an expressive face.

He is absolutely the most perfect cat for our household. He is everyone's friend. He's even gotten our persnickety older rescue cat more out of her shell. He and Rory have a good wrestle nearly every day and Rory loves it. Edison is also an absolute goofball. He can be so funny just with being playful and interested in everything. He did have his first two conquests last week. First was a fly which I got away from him before he ate it. Second was a big vase. Art teases me that I don't get mad at him. Ah, if you have animal companions, don't get attached to stuff.


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