Talisman's Health Info
March 18, 2018
Brown classic tabby
Weight 20 pounds
HCM DNA report
Both parents are Negative for the HCM mutation
Cardiac ultrasound All measurements within normal limits - no evidence of congenital heart disease.
Dec 2020, March 2019
Hips Good
^ Talisman, one year old
^ Talisman, one year old
On this page we feature our working boys, the fathers of our kittens.
Coonamor Talisman of Windwalker


Talisman is one year old in the picture at left. He is a Supreme Grand Champion and a Regional Winner.

A brown classic tabby male, "Tallie" has a lovely head with a strong muzzle, deep chin, gently curved profile and ears set well on his head. He has a long body with heavy boning and good size.

In 2018 Talisman was the 4th BEST CAT and the 10th BEST KITTEN in the Mid-Pacific Region.

Most important, Talisman has an easygoing, affectionate personality.









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In the picture at right, Tallie is six months old. Already he has a beautiful head, heavy boning, eyes large and nicely-shaped, ears set well on the head, a smoothly-scooped profile and deep strong chin.















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Talisman. pictured at left, is one year old.









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