Talisman's Health Info
March 18, 2018
Brown classic tabby
Weight 8 pounds
HCM DNA report
Both parents are Negative for the HCM mutation
Cardiac ultrasound Pending
Triller's Health Info
December 14, 2015
Brown classic tabby with white
Weight 18 pounds
HCM DNA report
Both parents are Negative for the HCM mutation
Cardiac ultrasound All measurements within normal limits - no evidence of congenital heart disease.
March 2018, January 2017
Negative 2016
Father IW SGC Windwalker Summit
Mother Le Beau Minu Serenade of Windwalker
^ Triller, one year old.

On this page we feature our boys, both current, working, (stud male), and neutered. Some now live in their new homes. For cats currently being shown, click here or the Show cats box, above.
Coonamor Talisman of Windwalker

Coonamor Talisman of Windwlalker_all rights reserved

Talisman is a brown classic tabby male. He has a lovely head with a strong muzzle, deep chin, gently curved profile and ears set well on his head. He has a long body with heavy boning and good size.

Most important, Talisman has an easygoing, affectionate personality.st important, Tallie has a very affectionate, outgoing personality.

In this picture, Tallie is six months old.

Windwalker Triller

Windwalker Triller - all rights reservedTriller has huge upright ears with long lynx tips, a massive head with a strong muzzle and a gentle curve to his profile. He has great conformation, strong boning and a bulky body and nice, straight hind legs.

He has an easy-going, pleasant personality and as his name suggests, he's a very talkative boy, making that wonderful "trill" that some, but not all, Maine Coons do.

Triller was the 11th Best Longhair Cat in 2017 and is a TICA Champion.


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