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Windwalker Kensington x Degoonacoon Taos. (Born January 12th.)

Above: Luminaria, Doc Martin, Encantada, Bandelier, Rio Grande, Salsa, Kit Carson. 14 weeks old.

Taos's kittens 12 weeks old
Above: Bandelier, Doc Martin, Luminaria (female), and Encantada (second female). Kit Carson, Salsa, Rio Grande. 12 weeks old.
Bandelier, Rio, Doc, Kit, Luminaria, Salsa, Teva
Above, left to right: Bandelier, Rio Grande, Salsa, Kit Carson, Luminaria (female), Doc Martin, and Encantada (second female). Five weeks old.

Taos three week old kittens

Above, three weeks old

Taos kittens one day old

Above, newborn
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