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Windwalker Sherlock

Sherlock. 600 grams or one pound, 3oz at three weeks.

Windwalker Watson three weeks
Watson. 605 grams or one pound, 5.3 ounces at three weeks.

Sokoki kittens three weeks old

Clear proof of the futility of trying to take pictures at three weeks.

Windwalker Maggie

Maggie, considering the litter box at three weeks.



Windwalker Kensington x Degoonacoon Sokoki of Windwalker. Born January 9th. Three boys and two girls.

Aliya, Benedict, Sherlock, Watson and Maggie. 14 weeks old.
Benedict, Aliya, Watson, Sherlock, Maggie
Benedict, Aliya, Watson Sherlock and Maggie. 14 weeks.
Sokoki's five weeks
Above: Aliya, Sherlock, Watson, Benedict and Maggie. Five weeks old.
Sokoki kittens day two
Above, newborn.
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