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Madeline's kittens, below
Casanova and Carumba
^ Casanova and Aye Carumba!
Victoria nine weeks old

^ Victoria nine weeks old

China 6 weeks old

^ China, six weeks old

Windwalker Madelena

^ Madelena, four months old
Windwalker Madelena
^ Madelena, six months old


Windwalker Wonder x Pinecoon Madeline of Windwalker (January 2008)

The eight kittens are as sweet as their mother Madeline and as charming and affectionate as their father, Wonder.

Madeline's kittens nine weeks old

Nine weeks old above: Marbella, Ella Bella, Aye Carumba, Andy, Giovanna, Dharma, Victoria and Casanova.
Catalina, Casanova Carumva Victoraia nine weeks old

Above: Ella Bella, Carumba, Andy, Victoria nine weeks old

Victoria, Aye Carumba nine weeks old
Above: Victoria, Aye Carumba nine weeks old

Madeline's Jan 2008 litter of eight

^ All together now - on the bed.
Madeline's Jan 2008 litter of eight
^ 12 weeks: Victoria, Giovanna, Catalina, Bianca, Dharma, Marbella,
Aye Carumba and Casanova
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