Tyrone Power eight months old
^ Our leading man, Tyrone Power, is an International Winner and a Supreme Grand Champion!


Windwalker Maine Coons is located in northern California. We are committed to producing healthy, friendly, beautiful Maine Coon cats that make wonderful companions. We think our cats add love, beauty and grace to our home, and like many who have our kittens, we can't imagine life without them. From time to time we have a litter of kittens and then we invite others to share our love for this wonderful breed.

Our cats are our family and live with us in the house. The boys have their own wing, with a screen door so they can look into the dining room, and a window they jump through to their enclosed back porch. The girls run from room to room until they need a room of their own for kittens.  Our kittens and cats are registered and shown in TICA (The International Cat Association) where we have Supreme Grand Champions, Regional and International Winners.


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