^ Benjamin, 9 weeks
Harrison, Merlin
Harrison, Merlin - 9 weeks

 The kittens above are Liberty's, pictured at ten weeks old, December, 2011.
 Mainelyclassic Panama of Windwalker x Daisy 

Benjamin and Merlin Daisy had three boys: a black with white, a blue tabby, and a brown tabby, born October 2011.

Merlin and Benjamin are pictured at left, (12 weeks old).

In the side bar at left are Benjamin, Harrison (the blue tabby) and Merlin, (tuxedo kitten).

Mainelyclassic Panama of Windwalker x Broadsway Liberty of Windwalker

Liberty had six kittens. Three boys, one blue and two black, and three girls, a tortoiseshell, a tortoiseshell tabby (torbie) and a blue/cream torbie, born October, 2011. They are pictured at the top of the page at 10 weeks old in December 2011.

Mainelyclassic Panama of Windwalker x Windwalker Giovanna

Jackie and ShelbyBorn May 2011, the kittens are very personable and affectionate, with the personality and characteristics that people expect a Maine Coon cat to have.

Windwalker Tyrone Power x Windwalker Kiara (March 2011), pictured below, seven weeks old.
Giovanna's kittens born May 2011

Soriah, Cisco, Kensington

Soriah, Cisco and our dear, sweet Kensington.

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