Daisy's kittens Sept 2009
^ Daisy's three weeks old
Daisy kittens 11 weeks old
^ Daisy's three months old
Modela six weeks
^ Modela, six weeks old
Newcastle, 11 weeks
^ Newcastle, 11 weeks
Dancer nine weeks
^ Kiara, nine weeks old
Sky Dancer four weeks old
^ Kiara, four weeks old
zak_Travis_Smiley_Kinsey_Dancer, three weeks old
^ Gio's three weeks old
two days old

^ Two days old

Brody nine weeks old

^ Travis weighs himself, 9 weeks
Kinsey eight weeks
^ Kinsey Millhone, eight weeks
Kinsey nine weeks230
^ Kinsey, 9 weeks
Kinsey nine weeks
^ Kinsey, 9 weeks
Kinsey four weeks
^ Kinsey, 4 weeks

George Smiley four weeks

^ George Smiley, four weeks old

Jesse Travis four weeks old

^Jesse and Travis, 4 weeks old

In the "drawer" picture at the top of the page, Travis McGee, Kinsey Milhone, George Smiley, Kiara, and Jesse Stone are seven weeks old.
Wasychigan Coonzecration x Coonz Titution (Daisy) of Windwalker (September 2009)
Daisy's six-week old litter
^ Daisy's six-pack litter, above, is six weeks old. Left to right: Modela (the girl), Killian, Porter, Newcastle, Tecate and Red Stripe.
^ Kittens are three weeks old. Left to right they are RedStripe (in front), Modela (the girl, not looking at us), Tecate (red-with-white), Porter (black smoke-with-white in back), Newcastle (brown tabby boy) and Killian.


^ Red Stripe and Modela, (black smoke tortoiseshell) are looking this way.
Corona, Tecate, Newcastle, Red Stripe

^ Left to right: Modela (square muzzle), Tecate, Newcastle (on his back) Killian (walking away, and Red Stripe).

Daisy's kittens' father


At left, Daisy's kittens' father,

Wasychigan Coonzecration,

three years old.

Bearcloud Hey You of Broadsway x Windwalker Giovanna
(June 2009)

Giovanna's kittens 11 wkkes old

^ Giovanna's kittens, 11 weeks old. Jesse, Kinsey, Travis, Kiara, and Smiley.

Smiley, Kinsey, Dancer, Brody, Jesse Stone
^ Nine weeks old. Smiley, Kinsey, Kiara, Travis, Jesse Stone.
Smiley, Dancer, Kinsey, Jesse (back), Travis
^ Six weeks old. George Smiley, Kiara, Kinsey, Jesse (back), Travis.

Travis McGee, Kinsey Milhone, Jesse Stone, George Smiley, Sky Dancer>

^ Travis, Kinsey Milhone, Jesse Stone, George Smiley, Kiara

Kinsey Milhone six weeks

^ Six weeks old
Giovanna and her one day old kittens

Born in June, the two girls and three boys had a wonderful kitten time. Giovanna had lots of milk and was a very good mother.

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