Jeff and Sherlock

^ Jeff
When he's not at a cat show or bicycling, Jeff works for a small consulting firm designing rocket engines. He is also a registered veterinary technician, having completed the courses for the degree and passed the state and national boards.

Tyrone Power eight months old
^ Marilyn

Our hobby

Jeff and I have always loved cats, but our first Maine Coon cat completely changed our lives. After showing neutered males for several years, we established Windwalker Maine Coon cattery in 1995, dedicated to producing healthy, affectionate kittens with the wonderful Maine Coon Cat personality.  Breeding and showing cats is an expensive, and serious, hobby - not a "for profit" business. The price of our kittens covers vet expenses, vaccinations, genetic screening, cardiac ultrasounds and hip x-rays. premium foods, supplies, cattery upkeep, books and seminars.

Showing cats is expensive, but the judges evaluate our cats against the standard of the Maine Coon breed and the ribbons and titles our cats have earned demonstrate that our breeding program is producing cats that are excellent examples of what a Maine Coon cat should be.

Our other work
We are fortunate that both of us have flexible work schedules and Marilyn has a home office. As executive director of the Sacramento Transportation Management Association, she promotes commuting by carpool, vanpool, transit, or bicycle - and telecommuting!
Ranger 12 years old

Maine Coons continue to "bulk up" as they get older.
In the picture above, Ranger is 12 years old.
In the picture at the top of the page, Ranger is two years old.

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